Save Time. Save Money. Test out of Math.

At AcerPlacer, we offer personalized instruction in a classroom with no more than 8 students. Our instructors guide you through the subjects covered on the national placement test known as the Accuplacer. We cover all subjects from basic arithmetic through trigonometry, so no matter what level you are currently at, we will help you succeed! With us, there is no need to take lower-level math classes - once you test out, you will meet your Quantitative Literacy requirement at Weber State and will be DONE WITH MATH in as little as 7 weeks! If you are going to another college or university, our course can help accelerate you into the highest math class you need to graduate (even up to calculus)! We are so confident that you will pass our class that we offer a Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee! If you complete your assignments on time, attend class, take four practice tests by their deadlines, and still do not test out of math 1050, we will either provide a refund of your AcerPlacer tuition or you can take our class again for free, until you do test out! We guarantee your success or your money back. With small class sizes, excellent instructors, and a Pass or Don't Pay Guarantee, we provide our students with the environment and attention that he or she needs.